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Anonymous said: I know it’s a mean thing to say, but I wish he would have never met her…. at least William made a good choice with Kate. —————————————————- Thank you anon, you’re just being honest. Embed from Getty Images The post It’s not mean, you’re honest😉 appeared first on 🌸jerseydeanne & friends🌸😎🎶.

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I made a post stating my opinion about this chick, and took it down. If anyone wants to talk to me about it please do. my views are my own, and I don’t want any of you going to JD about anything I said. You have questions please come to me and not her. I […]

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People are finally seeing Harry for who he is. Yes he did endure a tragic event, William did also, but If anyone could not see the difference between these two I’m about to break it down:

William I know has had issues. He was 14/15 when Diana left us. And he has owned up to his mental issues and indeed has had a difficult time. He may have done some stupid shit when he was younger also, but he finally matured as an adult, future heir to the throne, and a doting husband and father. William is owning his shit.

Harry could do the same. Maybe he hasnt had enough guidance as a kid? Which i find hard to believe also. He was 12 when all that happened and of course it takes a toll. There was a quote of his a while back that says he could do whatever he wanted because he will never be king. And he indeed did what he wanted. Right then and there i knew his attitude. But as a fan at the time i ignored it, because he had grown and matured, i thought anyway, He has done great things, Invictus, Sentebale. He CAN BE a great person, that can do great things. The problem is he will not own up to the fact that this thing with Meghan is a huge mistake, he refused to get help when people have pleaded with him to, She is not a good person. And in a way i am kind of grateful that she isnt. Because if he didnt listen to his family, didnt listen to people when they told him this was not a good idea, throwing ALL THE PROOF in his face, and he ignored every bit of it. So even though i do not like Meghan, I am glad she did come around. Because an experience like this will make him grow the hell up. People are starting to see this. And it’s not good. So if we have to endure this longer than we want to, if will make him grow up and be the man Diana would have wanted him to be, then so be it. She was not perfect, she had major issues. But she would not have wanted that for her boys. So Harry if you ever read this, get your shit together.

Godspeed Mr. Reynolds.


Our idols are leaving us one, by one. Please take the time out to celebrate their work while they are here, celebrate your loved ones while they are here. For we are not kids anymore.

My Thoughts?

Miss LadyGreyHound has asked me what my thoughts were on this, i have been so back and forth with all this bullshit my head is spinning. They are treating her just like a royal. She is getting everything they have. And so why do all of this if they are planning to “Get rid of her?” I woke up to some fucked up shit: This, and Weinstein being arrested and let out on bail with a fucking tracking device. So i’m feeling some type of way right now. Again, I don’t want people coming on here making fools of Skippy and JD. Because i feel this is happening. So right now i say give her all she wants. And i hope i understand the family enough to strip her ass of EVERYTHING when the time comes. And if harry wants to show his ass strip him too. Get him treatment if there’s issues going on. Knock his ass in line. I’m almost positive the Queen does not want to leave her legacy to irresponsible people.

In other news… Nicki Minaj is fucking Eminem? I support this union. lol

I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.

In Today’s news….

It’s proven that bitch got kicked out of the party. And Harry had to go too. It is his mess right? That’s unfortunate but I’m hoping in a way it was pre planned. As far as Mfusu is concerned, Harry SHOULD NOT have let that happen. Harry in his right mind would never had done that to him or his family. This tells me that she does control everything he does or wants. And i think that is why Charles did what he did. As i said, you can boss Harry around but don’t fuck with Charles. Anyone should know to not walk in front of Camilla. Man. She’s got a lot to learn. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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